Live @ Auxilec, Leicester, 26th April 2005

Auxilec , Leicester, 23/04/05
Played the live gig at Auxilec in Leicester on Saturday 26th April. The camera they used got lost, and I have no recording yet. Next gig I'll be equipped with my own camera and recording, so you can hear and see what it was like.
The gig went pretty much as I expected, no surprises.
A little rusty at first, it has been a while, but warmed up nicely towards the end of the set.
As I thought , I need to keep to a structure map, and to get much faster switching between beat, bass etc, but that will come next time.
I also need to follow a rule on beats, simple one loop, then complex next, third one being a combination of both, then back to the beginning.
That should stop it sounding repetitive, although that is more related to time out of practice . The new live demo uses all of that and works very, very well.
The sound was strange as well, some of them I couldn't hear, and yet they are properly eq'd and spectrum analysed at home.
I've invested ina Sennheiser HD280 Headphones, they are much better suited to live use, and bring out the best in anything you listen to, perfect for live.
Also the power of the Edirol FA101 dissapeared as soon as it was plugged into the mixer provided for live use.
Again, there is so much power available if you remove the mixer, so I wish I could have plugged straight into front of house.
The sounds themselves are fine, so I'll have to look at kicking up the gain or doing something next time.
I don't think the problem lies with my kit.
But I will try the new Edirol FA66 interface and see if it's got more welly.
The crowd seemed to appreciate it, with a few cheers and whistles when done.
I also had a few people say they liked it a lot and an offer to play at a gig on Sunday, but work gets in the way on that one!
I sold a couple of CD's, but I'll have to think of an easier way to shift them.
In a loud club it's tough to talk or sell the benefit of it.
I think T- shirts could do well , as they are easier to shift.
Some kind of selling area, even displayed behind the bar would help.
This would help all the artists and the night themselves, but no one seems to want to bother, despite saying there is no money.
There would be if it was pushed, just no one is pushing.
I might play there again, if my expenses are fully covered.
I think all artists should be given that, since there is an effort required to play live.
That's not an unreasonable request, especially since it took 5 hours to get back and a round trip of nine hours!!
I'll also produce a contract next time, so there is no mistake.
Enjoyed Dexcorcist's set, proper full on energy electro
I'm going to try and get on Haywire ( his agency), although my profile may not be high enough, but I will always be banging on doors until they let me in!
The CD was a good promotional tool, as it gives you the excuse to go and talk to people.
This worked very well, and I'm sure some of the leads will be worthwhile.
There will of course be the inevitable blag or two, but hey, I'm getting good at spotting those.
It's very hard to pull the wool over my eyes, so when someone bullshits , me I tend to know. So be warned!
You just have to use your instincts and follow them, it saves a lot of wasted time.