It’s About Drowning….

Todays Diary Still quiet on the gig front but I just can't push without some funds. I don't expect to get masses of gigs here.
Minds and promoters are just not open enough for it yet. Electro is happening in some clubs in Hong Kong, but drum n bass, breaks are more popular here. Mixing the two seems tough even at nights like Yumla in HK.
Read a review from a guy who is resident there, an electro cleared the floor at a breaks night.
Seems weird to me as they are closely related.
However, tis not all doom and gloom. I am JUST about surviving here ( NO I'm NOT telling you, big brother is watching. Not to mention anyone here who takes a dislike to me here. Act like a soldier, nod your head , understood?), but I can afford to submit for film and send of a few CDs'.
My stuff is actually being used as part of a Drama & Dance class at a local school! Their little minds will be twisted and warped forever, aaah, success!
At least they get to hear something they might never reach otherwise. It's even going to be used at their halloween party this week.
No I'm not going, OK?! It's FOR KIDS! Little do they know, “water filled lungs” is about drowning, thinking you are still alive under water.
Perception is individual I guess….
The promo film trailer for “Sadistic” begins shooting Oct 7-11, and yes an agreement has been completed to use the “Sadistic Theme” . Written by me , exclusively for the film. I have no idea how much, or in what way it will be used on the trailer, but it's a start.
CD is now flying to the US Horror Channel, and I have another ready to go to the UK for another Horror project.
See a pattern?, Yes I love those dark, nasty films, but that's where my music fits the best.
My girl is now in Hong Kong ( earning much more than me) singing for her living for the next three months.
So I'll be getting a lot more work done, even though I will miss her. I will keep you posted on any new developments with the film stuff.
Don't forget to check the archive as always.
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