What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

Todays Diary
Tired due to working for my living here. So now I can start to promote a little bit more. Although realistically, the underground here isn’t very strong. I still haven’t figured out why this is.
Piracy for one, expensive rents for premises, and corruption for the last. The cops could come and shut down any party they feel like, take all the equipment, throw people in jail. Unless of course their palms have been greased, or the Chinese mafia are involved.
Something which I won’t support or stand in fear of.
They wouldn’t in Detroit so neither will I. But people need to band together more to support music, and that seems to be a rare thing. But I am still looking for those kind of people here.
It’s a shame you can’t start a small night and build it. It’s an even bigger shame that the unknowns (like me) can’t get a promoter to open his mind beyond well known names. So how the hell can local talent get anywhere?
Leave China maybe!! It may be the only way…
But I will keep looking, I have always dreamed of having a UR style organisation. Maybe here I would have a chance of doing it.
Just have to succeed a little more (maybe film & tv will help fund it) .
But it’s not just about funding, it’s finding the people with the right attitude who love music.
All I’ve met so far is too many timewasters and piss takers so far. My instincts don’t let me down as regards people, so I’ll keep my eyes open.
The Sadistic trailer should be well on it’s way now, just hope I feature more than just a little on it! I’m pretty sure the CD to the Horror Channel has landed and another project I found should be on the way.
I’m practising my playing a lot more, being around some traditional musicians has made me want to compete. I’m working hard on that, but it’s a secret what I’m up to! (yes even to you all!). Fingers and hands aching from hitting keys.

I hope that coming here hasn’t been a waste of time for music. I’d like to stay, and probably will.