How to not get screwed in China….

The last 3 days have been good and bad here.
I got to see my girl in HK and it was a short but sweet visit. I miss her a lot, but I know it won't be forever. She is worth waiting for, which is not difficult for me.
I'm also beginning to discover what China is all about. People will screw you here given half a chance, so be on your guard.
As much as I want to trust and give people the benefit of the doubt, my instincts are right. I feel something else underneath with a lot of people here. That doesn't bode well for Chinese people.
I'm hearing stories like this from every quarter of people, western, fillipino.
So if you are coming here, or plan something here, be on your guard.
Trust nothing and no one, deal with people on recommendation, watch yourself on every turn.
The desire to change, screw with and alter things, even if they work, is what is too hard to understand. This is why the traffic is so bad, and any kind of work under Chinese management is very likely to feel like constant criticism.
But be confident in what you do, research, so you know you are doing it well.Do what you believe in…
Don't be shaken, be brave and not afraid, it's not the same as the west.
If you are unsure you will have psychology used on you with great delight, so stand firm!
If people don't like what you say they will try to screw you, not pay, contracts mean shit here.
I don't like to say it, but I want to make sure if you come here your eyes are WIDE open, and you watch your back.
Look me up if you need some advice, luckily I'm tough from being screwed over in England. But not every one has had to deal with that…
Anyway, on a more positive note, I hope to have some parties coming up, maybe DJ ing Soul/Reggae/Hip Hop but no cheese, quality stuff. Pleased about that cos I can play music I'm into, even if it's not my own. Maybe bring something here to people who appreciate it or maybe even never heard it.
It could help to build something here but at a different angle.
Don't forget to check the archive as always.
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