Different Town, Same Old Sh*t

After a positive party at Zinc, Check previous events for details, things MIGHT be looking up. BUT bitter experience tells me to wait and see. To be honest it's the only thing keeping me here.
If it doesn't kick of here in the next 3-6 months, I will look to return to England.
I hope I can give England a miss, I think there are more positive places to be, my experiences here don't make me want to go back there.
I will take my girl with me as soon as I can, I will not leave her behind, wherever I go.
Everyone else, well, they can do what they want.
I am ALONE here in China, I don't trust anyone except my girl.
I don't trust who I work for, when I buy things, who I rent from, when I take a bus, a taxi. It doesn't matter which country people are from, here I am on my own.
I could have stayed that way in England and not suffered as much.
Alone in England is no problem, but here? No one gives a shit apart from 1 person.
Ask for help, you might get some, but more likely you won't get any help. 'Work it out for yourself'.
That's fine with me, I'll work it out, I am a fighter after all, but I know when to retreat so I can fight another day.
But when I'm where I should be , I won't be taking any requests for “help” from those that had the “not my mess” , “not my problem” attitude.
So Christmas here is not pretty, I will get some time with my girl, but she is busy too. But that's a necessary evil.
The only real friend I have here…..
Without her here, my phone stops ringing, so where are those people now?
Out of sight out of mind, short sighted? Definitely.
I am looking out for myself, so have no interest. It's painful to find out what people are really like, although I can feel it each time, I still try to give people some benefit of the doubt.
But not anymore.
Working hard trying to find some film leads. Sowing seeds for the future.
Did a bit of eerie music for an audio documentary called the Mothman Legacy, available from

Almost all but the playing after the first 10 mins is improvised 1st take stuff. Just playing while record was running.
It seems to fit pretty well, so I'm pleased with it.
So for all of you not happy about your time this year, keep fighting, don't give up, no matter what.
But don't waste your time with people who can't help you, move on.
Turn the page, start another chapter and begin another cycle…. Till next time
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