Whatever It Takes….

Todays Diary

I've been working very hard lately, up 24 hours today.

Did that twice this week, I just have too much to do to stop sometimes, the clock just moves round and I think well why not.

Preparing hard for two more gigs for you, Hip Hop and soul/motown.

50 CDs' to give away at each gig, and re-processing all the tracks ( too many) in Pro Tools to give them more bass and level.

I'm very careful about who I play for and make sure I'm not fucked with.

I can survive without these gigs so will say no if I feel like it.

I love this music and only play what I like, anyone tries to tell me to play something I don't want to…

They can go and find someone else. I support music, I play QUALITY and no bullshit.

So be warned I will turn down the biggest offer if people screw with me or try to be clever….

I back good music, I'll do a good job for the people and the promoter.

I actually give a shit about music and the delivery of it to your ears.

Film stuff is cracking on, ok it's talk, but it reminds me of when I first starting sending demos to record labels.

That kind of response, so it's exciting, watch this space.

It means I will be writing a LOT of new music, and burning the candle more.

Difference with last time is I am CANING the internet every day, hitting more film makers, and more

EVERY day, it's going to work…….

My girl is coming home so I have to make time for her, even though I'm working hard for you music lovers out there.

i need to be there for her, because her work in Hong Kong went sour.

As much as I am glad to see my Angel back, it's with a sad edge.

So back my stuff so I can help her out more, that was begging by the way…

Enough I have motherfuckers to prove a point to so got to go it's 6am again!

I am not to be messed with right now, so WATCH IT….

Don't forget to check the archive as always.

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