Midland Realty Pay Up – Read It & Weep

Tue 14th March 06
The impossible task has been completed. The thing that no one else
could do.
Get the 2000 RMB back from Midland Realty, that they withheld…. Just
because they felt like it.
How did I do it? Ah well , I'm in China so I couldn't possibly be able
to work that one out….
It didn't involve the local mafia, which is bullsh*it anyway, you
should learn to fight for yourself not call someone else if you have a
If I'd listened to “this is china”, “no chance”, “put it down to
experience” I'd be reluctant to try anything involving any business.
I'd also be 2000RMB lighter.
Just because you're in China, doesn't mean you have to put up with it.
Fight back , otherwise you get what you deserve, or you could go
Nothing changes if you don't make it change. Can't be bothered? Too
much effort? I don't really have much sympathy.
Don't let people walk all over you, it gives the message that anyone
else can do it too.
Talking of going home, you're welcome to vote on where you think I'm
going, of course I could be lying and not telling ANYONE what I'm
actually going to do. Ah but then someone will think they can work it
out, but , sadly, I'm very wise to this kind of thing.
So it remains a mystery, I could actually be lucky enough to pick….
1. England
2. Philippines
3. Taiwan
4. Singapore
5. India
6. Japan.
7. USA
8. Bangkok
9. Spain
10. Russia
11. Germany
12. Brazil
13. Mars
14. Moon
15. My Arse