You what..I’m what? I don’t listen to what? The deal is WHAT? ARE YOU NUTS?????

Now I'm a nice guy, most of the time. But a few tough times and a very
sharp and ALWAYS right instinct for people means I encounter
motherf***ers more than most of you. Simply because I can see through
the veneer.
I treat people with respect, I do what I say, I listen, pay attention
and I'm much more reliable than most.
If I'm your friend and you're genuine, it will be through good and bad
I will try to help people whenever I can, if their intentions are good
for music, for people and for life in general.
I'm secure about who I am, why I'm here, and what I want to do. That is
why I can't be fooled. manipulated, or taken the piss out of without me
LETTING you do it.
So recently when someone tries to use the Sh*t out of me coz they're
skint, trying to undermine my own confidence and talking b*llocks to
It's going to backfire, very badly….
Insecure little boys/girls are what you need so go find them, just
don't let me catch you…..
As I said , I am a good guy, UNLESS you p*ss me off, then I remember
you for 20 years, and will leave you to suffer .
I do my best to help people and live life right without crapping on
people, because of that I get help when I need it.
There are a few people around here in China are beginning to realise
I'm brave and will stand up against ANYONE, so if you want to talk to
me, you better mean what you say…..
Ulterior motives are something I can spot from a 100 paces, what lies
beneath is very dark, and it always comes to my aid when those people
are in front of me…..
A message from a soldier
PS Film work is gathering pace again, with a crop of indie work coming
up, mostly free but projects I want to do to get me started
Check the Archive as always