Feb 25th 2006: Motown/Soul @ Soho, Shenzhen, China

Now this was a difficult and painful gig to organise.
Promotion was wrong, website was wrong. Result was a crowd who mostly
didn’t know what the f**k was going on.
That’s partly due to not building up the atmosphere or letting it down
in the right way.
Most people turned up for house or pop or whatever else happens there.
This made it immensely hard to get things moving, making the crowd as
cold as it gets.
But still, good quality music and a very careful Ghostly eye on the
crowd. meant it DID work, very, very well.
Yet again , I’m proved right when it comes to this stuff. Still don’t
want to listen do you?
The problems here are all about management and promoters panicking.
“You have to play this = instant dancefloor”. You can build a house
from stone or straw, which do you choose??
So I took the people on a journey of stuff they’d never heard as well
as camouflage for the more familiar.
The packed floor suggests I got it bang on, wouldn’t you say?
But when you do a night that means the WHOLE night , not just 2-3 hours.
Build up from the very first tune, then don’t just destroy what’s been
built with frigging house music.
An understanding of a real quality night is a long way off here….
I take my cue from the best nights come from the music, NOT from the DJ
who mixes with his dick on 4 decks and uses a drum machine with his
tongue. The DJ bit is over rated ( yeah I know I am one, but it doesn’t
make my head big, trust me).
If you love those tunes and you try to make the people love em, they
will, otherwise they have no f**kin’ soul…
Then they deserve all they’re going to get…..
Nevertheless congratulated by owner Benjamin on a really good job,
simply because it was unheard of music, the first time there, on making
it work….
Hmmm, and I could have just played James Brown all night couldn’t I????
Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks