Inspiration and Creativity

Inspiration and Creativity
I've never thought of myself as a genius but I know that I definitely
have something. It's taken a lot of years to figure out exactly how to
get the best out of the creative force, and it is extremely powerful,
inside my head. When I was I kid it really just caused me pain, simply
because I didn't know what to do, I just knew I had to do something.
It's like someone is calling to you, trying to tell you something, but
you can't make out what they are saying. All you know is that you must
do something because your life depends on it. Figuring out what that
mission is, is what took me some time to work out.
It's like a volcano inside my head, and it needs to flow in a creative
direction, and when I first started to make music, it was like turning
a key in a lock and opening a door into my future.
At that time I had no control over what came out. When I sit down to
write a tune, even now, my mind is blank, I don't have idea after idea
to follow, there is nothing.
It's like there is someone or something else making it through me. I
can bend the boundaries much better now, but anytime I start to try and
do things by the numbers, it loses it's magic. My best music has always
been where I have just let go, stepped off the cliff, and let my
creative force go where it leads me to. Anytime it's allowed to do
that, it delivers.
So more and more I try to feel, rather than think, and let those
feelings guide what I do. I apply the same thing to making sounds. I
don't set out to make something deliberate, I just play around until my
instincts say ” yeah, keep that one, that's got the magic I'm after”.
You can hear this in other peoples tracks, it's the difference between
love for what you do and putting yourself in your music, and doing  it
by the numbers for your “position”.
Your creative alter ego shines through if you just let it go, I don't
care what anyone says, it makes all the difference.
Passion makes art what it should be, inspiring, individual and unique.
If you do feel you need to set some sparks there are some easy ideas,
that aren't the numbers game.
Watch films or listen to tracks that inspire you, explore your
surroundings and try to appreciate them in a different way. I can walk
down the same street, no matter how dreary and grey to others, a
thousand times and my eyes still take in all the concrete, the cracks
in the pavement, the buildings, it's always wondrous.
Writing a story with characters and themes can help inspire to write
the soundtrack for that story. You can get story ideas with just a
dictionary and your imagination.
Flick through the pages and just poke your finger at random, and pick
that word it lands on.
From that word you must come up with an idea for a track for it,
whatever that word might be. Do not cheat! It does work, because it
makes you think laterally, and ideas can happen after several levels of
linked words.
You may have to try several times, but if you don't cheat you will
start to see it's value.
I'll write some more here later, but if you just try to put yourself
into what you do, you will shine above all those, even if they are
technically better than you. So there is no need to be intimidated, as
your creative force is a weapon that no one else has, with a unique
There is no defence against it, and it can win the battle for you, if
you just believe in it and nurture it.
More next time I think of some freaky thoughts…
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Paul Bishop
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