Boing.. Boom … Tchak No More

My Roland TR808 has gone.
I needed to sell it to raise some funds to back up my film ambitions .
My Spendor speakers had to go too, which will finally land Garritan in
my hands, just at the right time.
A couple of more items to go I hope and some Cd decks will come my way.
Much needed for getting a few DJ bookings, to raise some more cash and
free up some more time.
Not too much, film is what I want to concentrate on.
At least 2 rough cuts already on the way, still hanging on for the
Cannes promo trailer.
There will be a good few clips and showreels to show in a short space
of time.
Then I want to hit Hong Kong with a bit of help from Beijing & here.
So watch this space you'll see a lot of new music and video appearing
Check out the New York Photos set on my photo viewer, with views you
will never see again from the top of the World Trade Centre in 1998.
Not to mention the Detroit Techno City set , my favourite place and
photos I may never get to take again.
It's been my inspiration and what keeps me going here and any place I
have to struggle to feed music..
If they can do it , so can I , as they come from the same mould as me
there, they don't give up.
They didn't have to play bullshit , bend over for anyone, compromise or
deal with anyone they didn't want to.
That's my philosophy too and it's working for me. It doesn't work if
you just want a quick result or you need your ego pumped up…
Till next time, check the archive, buy an Mp3 from, yes WALMART, now
how scary is that??
More posts about how frigging weird it is to be in this place later….
Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks