UK Electro Music Masterclass in China 19th/20th May

No pictures for the event which was a shame. Next time my own photos I
Class depleted due to (eh?) extra drama practice. This was a rare one
off thing here, but no one seemed to realise it.
Kids took to it well and despite having my time slashed in half and
being given 20 mins to set up, they still made a good tune.
Just a guiding hand, all their own work, and if one of them decides to
take up electronic music then something has been achieved.
That may be idealistic but then someone has to take on that mantle.
Otherwise the world, and the innovative, ground breaking world as we
know it wouldn't exist.
No UR, no Tresor, no hip hop, just an empty landscape. We owe those
people a debt, and I'd like to become one of those people one day,
rather than just focused on myself. Encouragement for me, kept me
going, and makes me believe I can do it. That is priceless and in short
supply it seems, especially in China…
Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks