Feeling Like Something Ain’t Right

I've had what could be a stroke of luck here.
Didn't want to talk about it (and I'm still not sure) but after 2 weeks
I think it's ok.
Landed a job which got me out of my usual bad situation here in China.
It's still a struggle until I build up money but it would be hard to
find a job right on your doorstep anywhere.
So I won't complain too much. Just after so many let downs, you just
can't be certain of much here.
It could be a real opportunity to clear my debts and make some real
money for a change, but we will see..
Fixed my database so dragged my arse back up to date contacting film
They're still on the way, you will be hearing the results.
But as I'm discovering, editing etc takes time, and never finishes when
it's supposed to.
I have a weird feeling about something, and I don't know what it is.
But something is a bit of a warning, so I have to watch my step a
Anyway, the music will never die, not going to lose site of that. Been
there before, know when the path is leading me down the wrong road.
I will keep you posted and I hope to bring some audio and video
sonicworx very shortly for you so stay tuned…
The Ghost Walks with You…..
The Ghost That Walks