The Mannequin Soundtrack Completed And Covert Ops

Finally after a lot of technical hiccups with Finale, the most unintuitive program EVER, finished.
It’s come out sounding very good, even for a first attempt at orchestral style, I’m very pleased with it.

There is more to come and it’s only going to get better as I learn how to get the best out of the sounds.

Yet again it ‘s a clear indication of the mind and soul is what makes the music, not the technology or the software.
If you remember that, and that this is all about instinct, feeling rather than thinking, you hit the mark with film…
Changes coming for me, still not certain, but they are on their way.

I really hope so, I have a few things to prove to people in this town, I’m not the type to admit defeat and let all the other f***kers succeed here when none of them deserve it. But we’ll see , I have a long memory and I keep quiet because plans are afoot, then we’ll see…
I worry about what I’m doing not other people, they can say and do what they want, not interested.

Heard all the empty promises before, a million times, a million ways, they can’t fool me, however it’s dressed up..
Till next time

Stay strong, don’t give up, act like a soldier and work covert….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks