Electro comes full circle, again

It’s amazing how resilient I’ve become because of music. Just when I was thinking my much loved Electro style was only going to show it’s face in films, something changes…
I was inspired by the Red Bull Academy podcast featuring Arabian Prince or Professor X talking about electro and the resurgence of it.
It’s what made them pay attention in Detroit, I think I just have to pay more attention to the dance floor and my instincts for a good dance groove.
Something which I realised was alive and well from a couple of Dj gigs in China, the Hip Hop and R&B? Picked the tunes and made em move.
The Soul and Motown, exactly the same.
So I’ll take that and put it into Electro. I’ve set myself a task to write an Electro album and pitch it to labels big and small, see what happens.

F*ck knows how I’ll do that. Back in the day I sent out tapes and people actually listened, even in Detroit. But now? So many labels and artists, how do they even get to listen to any demos now? I’ll have to do my homework and see what I can do to work out a way in again.
But if I made em move in Detroit, I am halfway there, just need to add what they talked about, think about the Dj and the strippers!
Quote” If you get a hit in the booty bars you got a hit record”

Till next time
Stay strong, stay true and DON’T GIVE UP

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks