The Ghost That Walks behind your eyes…

For the last couple of days the spirit behind my music has been alive and restless.
The thing, a malevolent (but never destructive) force that looks something like Mr Barlow from the original Salem’s Lot.
It’s never let me down when the Ghost That Walks stirs like that, and it is usually for a reason.

So something significant has changed, maybe it means that it’s time to return to the Uk.
I’m never quite sure, but it means something for certain. It has made me feel more positive about returning to make some more Electro again.
Using what I’ve learnt. I’ll actually run it on a pc running MacOSx, just for the speed, then everything that couldn’t run together before will all work.
Reason, Moog Modular, Pro Tools, Live should all run no problem, just need a test…

But anyway the Ghost is there for my protection when I start to forget who I am and what I’m really supposed to be doing on this planet.
When I start to think there is another path to follow, he will wake me up with his presence.
I hope that you listen to your inner demons sometimes, as they are not all there to do you harm.
Your instincts warn you for good reason…

Till next time, stay strong…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks