The Character and Life of Sound

Definitely felt inspired and rekindled again over the last few days, especially for making Electro again.
But after listening to The Red Bull music academy lectures, listening to some of my favourite tracks and what made some of my own really work.

Hank Shocklee (Public Enemy) really went into detail about it. I’ve realised it was what was making some of my tracks really work, and when the “character” of the sound wasn’t there, the tracks didn’t work. This means transients, background noise, layering and extra bits of sounds stitched together, movement and attack, different eq’d versions of the same or different sounds layered together. Not everything hitting exactly on time.
This is what used to make some of my old tracks really work, and then some just pale in comparison . But now I understand.
Colour, Life, Movement, Imperfections make the coldest electro sound like a living moving breathing thing.

I was right about trying to use valves and tape, and sad I had to sell them, but he talked about tape and the natural saturation and compression it gives you.
So now I’ve discovered the key again about what made other people sit and take note, so the door will be opened for me once again…

More next time…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks