The Mac OSX PC Freak is comin’

Since my CD’s of Reason and Pro Tools arrived, it won’t be long before I try to get the PC working with Mac Os X.
Yep, an Intel Core Duo PC, with a ahem “hacked” version of OSX. Which if it works I will gladly buy a license for.
How they do it god knows, but being able to put it onto cheaper hardware (but still good quality) is a godsend.

It’s going to help the recharge of my Electro stuff, as I hope Reason will plug into Live, and if I’m lucky Pro Tools will work as well.
Being able to open up as much as I like without killing the machine will help start the creative side racing again.

The I Book I have just can’t handle it anymore, so coming soon to a custom PC in China,
and then the Electro madness will follow not long after, keep watching….
I may even be forced, which is a good thing, to make completely new sounds, makes me less lazy….

Lucky I have my 606 ( which got me through Chinese customs because of the “notes” on it, to create some warped beats with.
Watch out ….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks