Dark orchestral music demo in a night

I’ve usually taken my time so far to write orchestral stuff for film , as it takes a bit of tweaking and shifting. Layering of notes and pitches to get a real feel.
It’s new for me and I’m still learning, but the results are pretty good, and will go on to get better.

I think I will have to pull the Garritan sounds out of Finale, it’s just to painful and awkward to make music with.
Technical Issues as well as usability problems.
I could get stuff done and tweak the real world feel much faster in Pro Tools and Ableton Live.

Completed a demo for the Uk Film Underground. Did In one night just because I wanted to do something exclusively for them.
It’s not bad for a quick demo, at least I know I can do it, although the trumpets need more work I think.
The military style snares came out pretty well too, because of layering and shifting of notes.

Let’s wait and see what the film makers think of it, and I have more demos to do for other film makers