The Electro Album cometh…

Seeing as I couldn’t wait for Osx to come along, I put Reason & Live 6 on the dreaded Windows.
Now it’s nearly ready for a full on Electro assault system. Something which I’m very much looking forward to after feeling like that style was going to
have to take a back seat.
Film stuff is going great, but doesn’t mean there isn’t room for the electro darkness again.
The definition of it seems to have blurred, in the same way house and techno did.
Many tracks are just house music looking for some soul ( electro house) or electro turns up electro clash, or what I thought
was industrial style from places like Germany.
No matter, I know what I’m looking to make, and I have my audience and my piers in my minds eye.
Think b-boys, break dancing, belle isle , Detroit, Submerge, Mad Mike & Lawrence Burden. Electro nut and long time fan John Casey ,
Not forgetting the infamous David Webb, unknown DJ and Xmen obsessive.
So I will make it for them, and if you like this style it is made for you.
Since I’m a fan, and listening to my own music is not painful most of the time, I’ll enjoy it too.

Look out for posts of it in the near future…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks