Deja Vu : A window into space & time

The last few days I’ve had weird feelings of deja vu. I turn around and suddenly I’m looking at a different view, in a different place, another time.
Sometimes I’ve looked out the window and had the feeling I’m looking out of the window in my old place in Kent.
Watching the sea crash on the stone beach, the spray hits you in the face as you walk by.
I’ve really had that feeling of transportation back there.
With Christmas coming it’s not a good feeling to be stuck in China, again.
There’s no Xmas, spirit, it’s just a chance to sell more stuff to make more money.
I won’t be able to eat the food I like, I won’t be able to buy or receive the gifts I like, just poor all round.

Things like this just make it really plain. Unless there is a major miracle here to make me stay put ( and soon), I’ll look at other options.
I’ve wasted so much time, money and effort here that could have been much better served elsewhere.
Those are the factors you have to weigh up, then make the change and decision yourself.
Don’t just sit and wait for other things to happen or other people to fulfil their promises.

Stay strong, till next time…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks