An Electro Concept is Written

Just last night, I wrote an Electro album concept, or more like several concepts.
A separate one for each track, something which I haven’t done for a while, but it works very well.
I found out that Mad Mike from Underground Resistance writes in the same way.
Coming up with a story and an idea for the way each track sounds.
Finding this at every turn, with many different artists, they all do many things in exactly the same way I do.

All you need is a dictionary. Flick through the book and stab your finger at any page you feel like.
Whatever word you hit, you must come up with an idea for a track. The first word should mean something else to you,
and start a new path in your head, and each word or phrase will link into another part of your imagination, until you hit something.
It’s lateral thinking and perfect for writing ideas, poetry, and especially if you have writers block.

It’s easy for me as I have a volcanically powerful imagination, it conjures up wondrous pictures, themes, images and characters for me.
I hope it works as well for you….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks