In A place Far Far Away…

There only two weeks to go to Christmas, and I face another very bleak one in China.
Last year was not great, this year will be even worst, in fact the worst in years, even since I was in England.
So I would rather be back in the Uk but that just isn’t going to happen just yet.

Whatever happens, the situation can and will change, because I will make it change.
No matter what other people may think or so, I have to take the right route that will allow
me to feed the music and do what I have to do..

Amazingly even though the time here is one of the saddest times, I’m more positive about music than ever.
The sounds are starting to appear that I need, creating electro drums from scratch is always tough, but when you’re done,
it’s very fulfilling to know it’s not a sample or a drum machine that made it, you designed it.

Maybe there will be a windfall, but most likely there won’t be, as I think that ship has sailed, and it’s time to catch another boat before this one sinks….

Till later, stay strong and never give up on what you do.

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks