Dark Orchestral Music "Re-Awakening"

Had a piece written for the mannequin reused here, Re-awakening .
It’s a demo so far and I may write an original piece for it, but I like the way it looks so far.

Tired and finding it hard to push on after 2 hours sleep last night and an early morning to Hong Kong.
But the music must march on no matter how sick or tired I feel.
Still have that feeling that the ground and the scenery is looking and changing shape into the same as when I’m
back in England. It has the same feeling exactly, and that’s the first time I’ve noticed it.
This is significant for me, as I feel things for a reason, Maybe this is my instincts trying to tell me something again.
The reactions and behaviour of people here is a throwback to the Uk as well, but here it’s amplified.
Mainly because you can take the pi*s out of people here and get away with it. Many people forget who they really are here, and behave in a way they
never would back home. But of course when they look in the mirror… the image is distorted…

Till next time

I’ll have plenty of time to sleep when I’m dead…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks