Bleak House

This year is likely to be the bleakest Christmas for about 15 –20 years.
I remember the times when it was this bad, and I am going to make sure it is never this bad again.
I listened to someone maybe I shouldn’t have listened to, and now it’s time to move on.
I tried it, whatever promises there were, didn’t materialise, if you’re an arsehole maybe you do well.
Since I’m not an arsehole, I have pride and principles, then maybe it’s not the place for me.

So unless a miracle happens very soon, I have to move on to another path.
The electronic side is going well, making dark electro kicks from synths from scratch, is tough takes time, but
it has to be done. This is to make my stuff as individual as possible, just something I feel I should do.
The film side there is more cooking, the orchestral film music is well received.

More sounds to make and weirdness to construct in the witching hour
That’s the time when the Ghost walks into the room …

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks