Destiny & The Wall of Fate

I have ALWAYS felt the wheels of fate and destiny turning for me. Even though it’s not a feeling I like.
I feel doors opening and closing in life, and I know I am on a path leading to something IMPORTANT.
I am not here just to exist or fade away into nothingness. I am here to do something.

So when things feel like they aren’t moving, I change them.
But sometimes it feels like a wall is put ion your way, and no matter what you try, not anything will get you past until you are supposed to pass it, and not before.
This is happening now, I am being kept here until the way is clear to move onto the next point of fate.
I am not succeeding here, everything is falling apart, but is kept stable so I can move on at the right point in space and time.
But it’s frustrating because even the most ingenious and resolute efforts, hit brick walls.
I feel 100% that it’s happening that way for a reason, so for now I’m trapped. Not something I like, and I still fight no matter what, because I feel I have to work for things not expect them gifted to me by luck or by spirits or whatever. I try to forge my own path wherever possible.

I just know when I’m hitting the invisible wall. I’ll be waiting armed and ready for it to move…

Till next time, stay strong and never give up…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks