Acid Electro and Synthesis Magic

Listening right now to a cross between an electro tune and old school acid.
Scarily enough it’s on Planet Mu, 1 of my targets for my demo for the electro album I’m designing evil sounds from hell for right now.
What are the chances of that…. I actually spoke to the owner on the phone over 12 yrs ago, Mike Paradinas, who liked it and would pass it on to Rephlex.
Mmm maybe there is a message there….

Making the effort to listen to 5 new releases a day, but it’s amazing how many records don’t do it for me.
Gives me inspiration to release more dark electro again, but the other question is reaching those people in the first place.
Hard work, but I have to find a way, they’re not prepared to wade through releases every day, so to bring the wizardry to them,
I have to find an underground way.

The surreal synth design of sounds continues, hard work to start from the beginning, but I will fight on for strangeness and darkness…

Covert as always… stay strong