A Christmas Tree for 70p in the Snake Pit

Only one week to go till Christmas here in the town they named “Snake Pit”.
It’s supposed to be named because the roads look like snakes on a map.
Little did they know it was going to become a town that matched that description, both with the people and their actions inside it.

Anyway, screw them and their plastic Christmas.
I’d rather buy a plastic tree for 70p, yes 15rmb in our local supermarket, and that’s before we even get to the old part of town.
It doesn’t feel like a celebration, it has no atmosphere, no depth, just emptiness.
That’s the way it’s made me feel for the last 2 years.

Sounds for the electro side of things are coming on nicely, but it will take time if I want it to sound really good.
Starting from the beginning and not going back to old sounds is a tough thing to do, but it will be worth it.
Couple more prospective films coming up, the more I can build up a showreel the better.
Connections demo now online here, I’ll do an edit for the full version when I get it:


7am now and got to make some sounds before I sleep.
So keep moving, don’t get bitten by the snakes, the antidote is a rare thing around here….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks