Xmas Tree and Santa's Balls for 120 rmb

Managed to cheer ourselves up here, with a Xmas tree shop spree, or a small one at least.
Chinese people don’t really care about Christmas, just that we buy lots of stuff of them.
I don’t really give a toss about the value of the Yuan, but we got the tree with decorations and flashing lights (very important)
for a total of 120rmb = £7.85 in real money.
Not bad at all and it looks pretty good. So it’s made a bleak time a little bit better.
While I work now on the dark orchestral film demo for The Needle, the lights are blinking away right now, entertaining our ghosts…

You can also see (if the photos are attached right) our door decoration which looks like Santa has a very large pair
of dangly Golden Balls.

Xmas Tree - £7.50

Xmas Tree - £7.50

Yes , I’ll be doing a diary entry every day, even over Christmas.
So if you’re on holiday, enjoy it and appreciate it, and if you’re here, never mind, you might wake up soon and discover it’s all a bad dream.
Then again you probably like it here, oh dear, it’s too late for you..

Till next time…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks