Disintegration, when everything you touch turns to dust…

Today the feeling of watching things crumble and blow away in the wind like dust, was powerful…
I have noticed, despite my best efforts, that whatever I try here just falls apart in my hands.
The wheels that I normally feel have everything to do with this. Because this time there are nothing wrong with my efforts.
The old me, before the Ghost, would have blamed myself. But this time you can feel a huge hand reaching down and stopping
you from succeeding , because you’re just NOT supposed to.
Being here has served it’s purpose, my reasons for being here have been fulfilled, now the wheels turn full circle,
360 degrees back to form a new cycle. Yes , I could be wrong, but my instincts haven’t let me down here, in fact they’ve become more tuned.
So my hunch I think is correct. What I won’t let happen is for the music, the new dark electro stuff, the scary orchestral, suffer ever again.
Made that mistake before, and now that it’s been pushed through a new musical door, I must lock that door firmly behind me…

It is not over yet for The Ghost That Walks

Till the end of never, stay strong