Darker than you can Imagine in All your Nightmares

I sometimes wonder where my music comes from. Can something that dark, whether orchestral or electronic be natural.
Do I have a problem? sh*t yeah! But only if I don’t know what world it is I live in, reflections and all of that.
So I made another orchestral demo for the horror film Needle last night.
It’s dark as f*ck and I don’t know where it comes from. It’s as close to being possessed as you can get.
I’m so divorced from my own music that I can listen to and enjoy it a great deal, and criticize it heavily when it’s not good enough.
So my festive gift from the Ghost in his best Santa outfit, the very scary Needle demo

But this is I like a lot, even though musically it’s very simple, complex didn’t work, as my instincts tell me a lot of the time.
Just let go and write what you feel, don’t worry about the technicalities too much, capture that feeling, then shape it afterwards.
It worked very well, and I hope the Needle team like it. Enjoy…
If you’re heading home for Christmas, have a good one.

The Ghost Walks with You.. unless you’re one of the…. you know who you are.

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks