Christmas has no feeling here…

Once again I sit here writing , alone in the darkness, wondering what it is about this place.
In my own country I don’t feel part of anything much, but I can deal with that.
The things that keep me sane, a good trip to the cinema, London, a sh*t hot new video game, a trip up to my parents house for a good meal.
They don’t seem to be here. I’m sat feeling like I’m not part of anything, and never will be, since I’m realistic.
So then what keeps me sane, my music.

So Christmas here feels empty, it’s not about money, it’s about the lack of feeling, and the lack of involvement here.
I have tried but again, if I don’t fit in in the UK, then I won’t fit in here.
I guess that’s the price I pay for being so different, but I’m not sad about it, it’s a blessing, and most groups of people I don’t fit with.
Lions and Tigers. I’ve said before they may be from the same family, but you don’t put them together in the same cage.

This break I’ll spend it pushing some more and making a Myspace page, which I don’t like but I can’t ignore there are people who
would really like what I do there. AS well as preparing some more dark orchestral
demos’, I really want to make an inroad to some Electro, as an album needs to go out next year, or several if I can get moving with good enough sounds.

Till next time, only a few more days to go then it will all be finished, like a flat bottle of coke.
Stay strong no matter what…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks