The Evil Decrepid World of The Snake Pit – Shekou

For the first time in ages , I take a wonder about, looking at this screwed up town with my infra red vision.
Despite the busy square, blow up Santa, Xmas trees and greetings.
It still all feels like empty and surreal. Like the edge of a strange film that’s from a different plane of space and time.
The thing that I always that makes me think of sinister toy from an x rated version of Mary Poppins, is a hobby horse,
that when people sit on it, they move by lifting the legs up and down. Like a robot, but with an evil demonic gait to it.
Gives me the creeps every time I see it. I’ll try to attach the photos above.
Just always feels strange here, no matter what is happening, and I am proud to say, being honest, that is not my home and never will be.
It will never come close to having those qualities, the things that the others who claim this is their “home” don’t know how to read.

Christmas Eve today in Hell, enjoy if you aren’t feeling your toes are frying in the flames…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks