Doomsday Alert: The Earth Shakes as a Warning to You all

For the last few days the strangled method of communication from the Underworld has been choked till it can no longer breathe.
Even this message may take some time to reach you.
A stark warning to all those blind to where they are, who they are and the demons that surround them.
The earth tremor snapped the cables under the sea, a warning to all those who consider that is Heaven and not the doorway to Hades.
Despite putting a halt to my Necronomicon and to the antidote to all things Snake Pit, the dark electro and orchestral film music will carry until I can fire those arrows and light the blue touch paper again.
Even though my is now blocked in China, my other sites are not, always a back door, even though it’s the same thoughts and content.
So to all you outside the wall of fire, we’re not dead yet, and will escape soon from an eternity in the Pit.

Never give up, Never give in what you want to do, and screw those who try to turn you into something you’re not.