New Year The Electro Horror Scythes Deeper

Once again like Deja Vu, I am here alone just after New Years, just like Christmas Day, writing this and realising I could be doing exactly the same thing in another
place, space and time. But in the Snake Pit this is what you can expect, no calls, no texts, only my parents greet me this night.
If I’m back in the Uk this kind of thing, since I hate new year, is normal and no problem.
You’re never going to fit in or be part of the crowd where I can afford to live there, so who gives a …
It’s something I accept and am proud of anyway. Yet here people try to tell me it’s different, it’s not.
If I’m not in front of someone, they forget I’m there, you find out about this throughout life. Real + Soul , False + Empty.

So I can deal with it, and the dark electro sounds get more of a tuning as I write this to you, even the stranglehold on the screams for help has been lifted
enough for this covert message to slip through. A cycle is coming to a close, like a metamorphosis , which had to happen to begin a new cycle.
The old one has to be put kicking and screaming in the incinerator and burnt alive, so the Ghost can flourish again.
China has not been a productive place for him, and that is all that matters.

Till next time, make 2007 a year where you really change something about your life.
Rather than the rest of the motherf*ckers here and around the world, who just get drunk, but never do anything different, year in, year out.
Only you can change your situation, so it’s in your hands, you can’t wish for it, just go get it.

The Ghost Walks With You…