Breathe the last breath in the Land of The Dead

This Land of Dead men and empty souls, has really breathed it’s last for me.
I don’t believe there is any turning back, or any chance to reprieve the undead from damnation.
I’m just a footnote that will fade and be forgotten very quickly here, like many before me.
You could disappear here and no one would really notice until the maggots drilled into the rotting meat on your bones.
Many people here, it’s like they’ve vanished, and I now feel like one of those people.

I don’t fit into any walk of life, any group of people, an outsider, an outcast, just like always. Why did I think it would be different?
Answer is it never will be, and I’ve accepted that, a freak of nature indeed, and proud of it. I don’t care what those people think of me,
they’re ignorant and insecure and need to huddle together to keep the failing flame of their souls from blowing out forever.

If you have a criticism of me, have the balls to bring it to my face and I will always be brave enough to tell it to your face, because the truth about people,
about situations I see with stark clarity. No sugar coating, no soft soap, the cold hard ugly reflection of the real person inside.
I sometimes wish I didn’t, but it’s been that way for 20 years now. Still they try to tell me I’m wrong about this person, that person.
I hate to smash your fragile world, but I’m never wrong…. I fought with that for that long, so I know what I’m talking about.

I know where my people are, and they’re not easy to find, or here, it’s just a fact of life to be accepted.

The dark electro tuning still continues and the promotion carries on, blog directories each day and soon the dreaded Myspace again.
I can’t neglect the people there who would like to hear dark music like mine, so will brave the demons there again.

Podcast Download stats look pretty good from October 29th 2006 –Dec 31st 2006 = 1105 Downloads.
For something that just started, this is pretty good, when I can get it into 10s of thousands then we’ll be cooking.
No it’s not me doing a gibbon on the download button just to push up the stats.
I’m prepared to give stuff away in order to get something back, which I’m sure will turn into fans and purchases in the long run.

Till next time, don’t ever give in, I will personally kick your lazy arse if you do…