The Young Man Stepped Into The Hall Of Mirrors

Not that I’m young anymore, don’t hold any illusions about that.
Even though I feel like a monk who has spent a 1000 years on a mountain top becoming enlightened,
drinking in the knowledge of the spiritual side of the world and the universe.
So much so sometimes I feel if I concentrate I can reach out and shape the air like clay into a doorway to another
space and time.
But even though I have that feeling every single day of my warped existence, I never reach that world shaping level.

Right now I could reach into the screen of this machine and pull it’s cold Manitou out screaming and dripping in synthetic blood.
Maybe I was born with hallucinogenic chemicals overdosed in my brain, who knows?
But you see what you see and you’ve got to live with the beast, and tame it, even in the city of Snakes and empty promises….

Just playing with the dark electro right now, it sounds good , but I want to hit that rush when you really hit a good tune.
Not easy, but that’s what’s needed to make people sit up and take note.

Till next time.

Keep the faith, have faith in you…