The Shadows of Fate & The Spectre of Choice

When you have the spectre of Fate and the Shadow of Destiny following your every move throughout life.
It can weigh a little heavy. Your life is clearly being guided and shaped, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.
You end up doing things you don’t want , in order to unlock another door to a parallel path that you are supposed to walk through.
Like the back door program access in the Matrix Reloaded, another door takes you to another space in an instant.
Since I’ve felt this happening for as long as I can remember, feeling it again now, aimed at something I haven’t even done yet,
is disconcerting. “The Problem is Choice”, choose one path and another opens, choose the alternative and what you do affects you and others you meet along the way…

So the choice is yours, but is it a problem or a blessing to know that you must choose, because that’s what you’re built to do…

Stay strong and follow your path….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks