The Centre of Disease, Pestilence and Avarice

Did you know that Guangdong province,
that home of greed, arrogance and deluded foreigners,
has also harbored some of the worlds most deadly diseases known to man?
Where did Sars start? Bird Flu? Guangdong….
Is that a message? To most people yes, but to the residents, not a
flicker of care or recognition.
You're dead, I'm ok, so long as they die and I live, but that's ok.
This is China so it's ok.
Yeh, ok that because no one gives a crap except for themselves, means
that deadly weapon of global destruction
spreads across the entire frigging WORLD!!!!

Take this as a message to you, what happens if the ice cap melts,
that's right, coastal towns under 7m of water.
Tsunami? Wipeout and deservedly so for Shenzhen and Shekou, and the
cheap London whore of hong Kong, all buildings obliterated on the coast.
But it won't happen, I'm ok, it's ok it happens to others, they're dead
but I'm ok….

For now you are, and your soul died a long damn time ok…Pretty soon
your flesh will follow…and No one will notice…