The Countdown has Begun

Now the clock has begun to tick, the silence between the seconds is
Each moment feels frozen in time, with my point of view spinning and
rotating like a bullet time camera sweep.
Why am I here, why did I come here, and what was it all for?
Could it really be all for nothing? I don't think so..
I've come out the other side realising more about music, that not
enough is being done, and trying to educate myself to move forward with
it, is the only way to go.
So changing and shifting plans according to the changing landscape is
what I now understand.
But I know fully for certain China is no place for my music, it's just
not the place and may well never be.
If I'm underground darkness in my own country, and my own people spit
on me because I'm not like everyone else, then no hope has ever been
But the rest of the world is waiting….. and I will deliver for them

Till next time, full Red Alert, watch out for snipers…

Paul Bishop