The Ghost with Real Soul

I don't know what it is about some old soul, motown and northern soul
I'm the darkest guy around, my music is dark, dangerous, my mind is a
whirlwind of the macabre, violence and horror. Yet this music reaches
me more than most and as much as some of the best electronic music I've
Maybe it's because even though they did business, they realized the
importance of real love, emotion and soul in music.
Back then if it didn't have “it” then people wouldn't buy it.
But still I don't get it, it's the opposite of dark, yet I would never
play “happy” electronic bullsh*t, house or whatever.
This is different, and as I listen to the recording of the ONLY soul
night to EVER happen in Shenzhen at Soho, even in China it went down
well. Why? Because you can't beat real soul, love and emotion in music.

A lesson for everyone who makes music everywhere….

Red Alert T Minus countdown to Apocalypse NOW….

Paul Bishop

The Ghost
That Walks