Mission Complete, Target Acquired

The Trans Ghost Express rolled straight
through the flimsy German barriers placed in it's way.
Objective achieved, mission complete, every bullet every blast
reflected back to destroy the HQ leaving the Ghost unscathed and more
resilient than ever before.

I pity those that never know the true reflection of themselves, to be
so deluded, paranoid and self obsessed that you cannot see who you
really are. Abusive, personal, racist, bigoted a bully who rules by
intimidation and threat.
Yet never keeps their own promises,fails to follow their own rules, but
is weak, insecure and crumbling under the surface.
All the while trying to give the thin veneer of truth, integrity and

The Ghost has traveled too far and wide, seen too many techniques and
tactics, so is able to compare this knowledge to see right through a
castle made with weak foundations. You may be able to build it quick,
but it will never stand real pressure, and will crumble when the real
storm hits.
But the Ghost plays the waiting game, slowly building block by block,
the toughest stone, metal, steel, flesh. sinew and bone, go to make up
the living, moving breathing heart of The Ghost's macabre lair.
The difference is that no storm can break passion and soul down, no
force can shake it's walls, and it will be there when the false Gods'
have long been swept away by greed and self destruction.

This is a pure and simple lesson for those who seek to screw with the
Ghost, you will lose because the long game always wins.

Stand down, alerts canceled, mission objective acquired, target
Nuclear option held in reserve, the Ghost always keeps insurance

On a plane across the Dark Skies, very , very soon.
The Ghost Walks with You…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks