The Dice Roll a 666

For once the Devil and the full Moon seem to be on my side.
The Dice have rolled in my favour for a change, and what I needed
turned up at just the right time.
I’ve said goodbye 4 days earlier to the mental case of an obstruction
in my way, so now that lead weight has been removed from back so I can
sprint forward again. Back up to speed, to catch up with the race that
the rest of the dark underworld is powering along.

No interest in being taken down the black hole of greed and selling my
soul for money.
Friends, my time , my music, cannot be sacrificed for anyone, and it’s
the height of pure arrogance to say ” I own you and your time”. Keep
taking the tablets, if the Doctor hasn’t upped your medication, then
you need to see one, or maybe two, one for each split personality…..

Always strong, never defeated. Never give up or let people take from
you what doesn’t belong to them.