The Engine and The Fuel of Anger

Anger used to be something that destroyed me, careering of the road,
smashing into walls, taking
the focus away from what I really should be doing.
It doesn’t do that anymore, my focus doesn’t sway, it’s fixed, music is
no 1.
No “advice” from dried up delusional people will change that, it’s my
calling, my blood and the only thing in life that has ever made sense
to me.
So when criticism without grounds or vain (emphasize “vain”) attempts
to derail it all come my way, the anger is turned into the most
powerful fuel in the known universe.
Perpetual motion, driving me forward for the next 20 years, go ahead ,
make my day.
I will take what you give and use it against you, you’re loading the
bullets into the gun yourself, and pointing it directly into your own
mouth. The results will embarrass those that chose to give me the
Whenever I have said I will do something, I have done it. Action,
proof, evidence, not words, promises, excuses is where I place my feet,
firmly grounded and balanced.

So when those results are displayed while the “advisors” are still
making the same empty excuses, promises that never happen. My list of
achievements will grow, choking your weak claims with overwhelming
proof of REALITY.

Till next time, stay strong, don’t give in, no matter what…

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks