Cruel Twists and Wall Of Fate

Now you would think the Exodus away from this part of Hell, escaping
from Armageddon and dealing with
the deluded and arrogant in China, would mean things can only get
Well that is true, but why do I get the feeling that there is a wall
being built against some of my plans?
It’s like I cannot be allowed near to that part of life, until the next
piece of the puzzle is completed.
It’s a strong feeling and I know from experience that fighting against
the movement of the cogs of Time,
will only make things worse and worse for you.
Then finally when you’re will is stripped clean, you realize what you
should have done is opened your eyes to the messages displayed for you,
so now I follow that feeling and don’t argue.
It’s just this time it’s going to hurt more than it has done

No matter what I still carry on.

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks