The Impossible Mission Begins

After having what looks like a mountain being put in my way that is so
high it’s peak is shrouded in mist,
I’ve accepted what now must be done.
The Impossible. At least for anyone else….
In the space of the next 12 months, from when I land next week, I have
to do what I have worked towards all my life. Make the dream of music
achievement and financial reward happen, big time.
Even more scary I have to achieve a target figure, inside 12 months,
just to add some more pressure to it.
It is 100% the key to unlocking every door or barrier that blocks my way
in life, personal, public, very single aspect.
Now I have no other option to achieve this or certain doors will close
on my life forever.
So let’s begin the Impossible Mission, which I’ll document here, how I
did it, the achievements made, mistakes etc.
It’s not I would like or desire to do it, my whole LIFE and future
happiness depend on it….
The big targets will be film/tv, adverts, video games – then comes
submission to smaller labels to generate fans and raise my profile a
little. It will be tough, tiring, but there is no other choice, path to
Failure is not an option, I will be disavowed , wiped from the map,
forgotten like the dust of a long dead corpse…
The Mission begins