The Last Night Of The World

Explosions, smoke, fire, the whole world
spinning with red light.
This is the last night of the world for The Ghost, this kind of “new
year” will never happen again for
me. I’ll leave the year of the pig to eat the bones of all those “pigs”
who are left behind.
You know who they are… Pigs will eat anything, even human flesh, very
much like the visitors here who
have forgotten who or what they’re really supposed to be….
Although in almost all cases, they will never know who they really are
anyway, that’s a picture they would be too horrified to look upon, so
best pretend it doesn’t exist, look away… monsters aren’t real are
they????but Ghosts are…….

So prepare to be haunted, just when you think I am dead, buried and

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks