The Sonic Soldiers Have Landed: D-Day Imminent

The Sonic Arsenal has landed, battered,
bruised and battle fatigued, but still ready for the
coming battle. Superficial wounds only, adjustments for altitude and
climate walked through with ease.
Slipped through the net of thorns, undetected, untraced, the Ghost will
follow soon with more weapons of sonic destruction. Traveling along the
much more dangerous route, cleverly disguised as a tourist along with
the unsuspecting flock.The border guards are yet to invent a supernatural scanner, when they
do The Ghost will have to retreat to the underground to transport his
psychotic evangelism around the world.
Till then, no one suspects a thing, just another number amongst the
unaware victims of this unreality….

The War begins in xxxx days….

Paul Bishop
The Ghost That Walks