The Reality and Fantasy of “Space”

Before I took a step into My Space, I took a long cold, hard look at it. There are many things about it I don’t like, but can’t deny that the number 1 most important thing is: There are many, many people here who will like and want to hear the kind of dark music I make.
That’s the sole reason for me being here. After doing my homework, looking at, and using some technology, it’s starting well. I’ve avoided the spam, blast approach, (listening Mr Vince Falzone?), who wants 20000 friends who don’t give a shit or like what you do??? Not me. I look for people who like the same kind of music and influences.
If they like them, a fair chance they’ll like my stuff.
I look at every profile that contacts me, and post comments on every profile. I want to know what those people are like, because I’m making music for them, so it makes me curious.

So anyone who has contacted me and REALLY likes the dark side of electro and dark ambient, welcome aboard.
If you’re just adding for “friends” totals without thinking about it, close the door on your way out….