Instincts and Premonitions

Instincts are one thing that if you learn to
read them well will get you the f**k out of dodge and out of a bad
situation, time and time again. Mine are very good, and they don’t let
me down, about people, situations.
I’ve learned to read them over about 20 years, after years of being
conditioned by other people that “you’re just imagining it”, and
thinking you can shape things once you get that feeling. You can’t.
Every time I’ve ignored those instinctive feelings in the pit of my
stomach something bad has happened.
But this is not a psychic thing, it doesn’t go that high. So when my
girl is telling me she has a bad feeling about the future, coming from
someone who can see dead people, you get a little bit worried.
I hope everything will be ok, but I really can’t read this one. Maybe
my judgment is clouded by my own wishful thinking…